No More Coverage Problems With The Help Of Our The Woodlands Sprinkler Installation Team

this is how the lawn looked like before our The Woodlands sprinkler installation team was calledThe biggest problem that our The Woodlands sprinkler installation team finds, is poor system coverage. Basically, most systems we tend to don't water the entire yard like they should. Some of them do a great job on planting beds and fail to address the edges of the lawn, others cover the lawn but also overwater the flowerbeds. Bad coverage won't kill your lawn, but it will make some parts more susceptible to disease and those parts will go into hibernation before the rest of your lawn leaving brown patches at the end of the growing season.

Not having enough water in certain areas is easy to spot, but overwatering can be just as devastating, especially for specimen plants. Many plants suffer from mold and mildew problems if they are kept too moist. Over watering and saturation of the surrounding soil will kill off your flowers and shrubs faster than a lack of water.

We Will Perform A Professional Coverage Audit

one of our contractors is checking the range of a sprinkler headThe specialists at our Woodlands sprinkler installation team will do a full coverage audit to make sure that every area of the lawn gets the correct amount of irrigation for the current plantings. A correctly calibrated system will result in a uniform look to your lawn. Our customers never have patchy lawns.

They also don't pay too much to get their lawns looking great. An improperly calibrated system often uses too much water and gives you uneven results across the yard. Don't spend more to get less! A fine tuning of the system every year will prevent this.

Let Us Make Your Lawn The Envy Of The Neighborhood

a recently calibrated sprinkler on a green lawnOur Woodlands sprinkler installation techs do water audits throughout the year. The best time, though, is during the spring start-up. This is when lawns are establishing themselves and have significant root growth. The better start they get, the better your lawn will look year round. Waiting until July or August to get a sprinkler adjustment can doom your poor lawn, especially if you are trying to stay within the water usage specifications of the city.

Get on board with The Woodlands sprinkler repair team. We'll make your lawn the gem of the neighborhood. But make sure to cal us soon, spots are already filling up on our service list. Don't get left behind with a patchy looking lawn while your neighbors get all the glory!