Your The Woodlands Irrigation Installation Pros

a drip line installed by our The Woodlands irrigation installation teamIf you haven't looked into drip irrigation in the Woodlands, you're selling yourself short. To put it bluntly, if you have flower or planting beds and don't use a drip system, you are paying too much to water and that extra money is going to grow weeds. Yep. You are paying to give yourself more work and a worse looking bed. Our The Woodlands irrigation installation pros can install professional drip systems that will help you on the long term. That pop up head system is great for your lawn, but when it comes to flower mounds and foundation plantings, drip irrigation is going to produce better looking, stronger, more disease resistant plants. This is because the drip system delivers water and nutrients directly to the root system of your plants. The water travels down further into the ground and encourages deeper and larger root growth (instead of the shallow spread out root systems promoted by traditional sprinkler systems).

The Benefits Of Having A Drip Irrigation System Installed

one of the drip systems installed by our prosDrip systems don't lose water to evaporation, nor do they water areas surrounding the plants where weeds tend to grow. Instead, they simply deliver a steady supply of water right where it is needed. No water gets on plant leaves or stems so there is no chance of burning or mold and mildew growth. And, as if that wasn't enough, you can put liquid fertilizer in the drip runs to feed the plants directly.

One last reason that drip lines are better than spray heads is because they eliminate water based weathering from the foundation of the home. The reason for foundation plantings is two-fold, to cover the concrete or brick foundation and to absorb excess moisture away from the walls. A spray head defeats that second purpose and can cause the foundation to weather at an accelerated rate. Drip lines don't do that. They put water on plant roots only – well away from the foundation wall.

Cheaper To Install And Also To Maintain

one of our techs is installing the drip systemHow much does it cost? Surprisingly, drip irrigation is cheaper to install and maintain than typical pop up head systems. There is less digging involved and fewer moving parts. Basically, there is less to break and less labor.

Call our The Woodlands irrigation installation team to set up a consultation today and see how a drip irrigation system could revolutionize your landscape.